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New Season - Whole Game System

New Season - Whole Game System


We have had a number of queries about player registrations, sections teams are in and the FA Full Time System

The league is using the Whole Game System and NOT iteammate from this new season onwards

As this is the first season for the BBDFL to move away from Iteammate as a player registration system to Whole Game we have a massive challenge from a league perspective as we have to do things in stages

We have to first sort out all the divisions and cups in the WGS as this is a requirement of moving over to the WGS for player registration

Note: this process is only for the first season, after the first season it will be much easier for everyone, but setting up the data is a mamouth task for a league as large and successful as the BBDFL

Then we add the teams to those divisions in WGS which will have all their players attached which is a team responsibility and when complete we are to inform the LFA who will verify our data and grant our Affiliation for the 2019/20 season

When that is done they then export our divisions, cups, teams and players across into FA Full Time

When that is done we can then start the process of fixture generating for each of the divisions and sections to create our fixture programme

All clubs have until 31st July to sort out their team registrations as from 1st August we will start the process of confirming teams and sections and we then CANNOT guarantee a section that a new teams join as we will just have to put them where there is a space (if there is a space!!)

There is some historical data within full time and coaches have contacted the league asking about this as they wrongly thought this was the final league set up for 2019//20

This is not the case as all the data currently in full time will be wiped from the system when we export the WGS data

We currently have 800 players registered for the new season.

This is from a pool of around 8000 so we need clubs to start completing their work also

So we ask all coaches, managers and club secretaries to commence or complete the player registration process in earnest and lets get ready to do the export and we will be good to go for the season start on 7th or 8th September 2019 (Girls play on the Sunday)

We assure you we will be good to go for a tremendous season, but please bare with us and helps us get the data correct as this process is long and challenging, but as always the volunteers on the BBDFL will get the job done to very high standards

Any queries please send to me at leaguesecretary@bbdfl.org 

Kind regards

Warren Barlow