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FA SMS Messaging system

FA SMS Messaging system

The SMS (text) results system has changed! In the past it was a league responsibility to add coaches and their mobile numbers


Its now a club responsibility

You have to enter your coaches details in the Whole Game System with their mobile number (no spaces)


Once you do that the league can then add your coach to the team for the SMS (Text) to work

The league then enters the SMS system in Full Time and selects "Add new" and the coach with their number is displayed and the league can then add them

So please check you account in WGS has your mobile if you want to use SMS and email if you want to use the Matchday App

You will find the coaches and other members in the safeguarding tab on the WGS To change it


Select the tab Select the individual Under the photo it should state "Edit details" and you can add the email and mobile

If it states "Edit Locked" the coach has locked it and they have to log in and do it themselves

Once complete save the changes and the coach will now have their mobile and email (if set up) linked to the FA Full Time System and the FA Matchday App