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Top Tips for a great season

Top Tips for a great season


 Just some top tips for the season so we can make this as smooth as possible for you 

  1. The fixtures are auto-generated by the FA Full Time system, so if you need to change any, move them to a midweek, bring forward or postpone please speak to your opponents and then let your fixtures secretary know by email and they can change it manually on the website
  2. NO team will be authorised to play until they have a squad on the FA Whole Game System and the next job for the fixtures secretaries will be to check which teams have done this and who hasn’t. If any haven’t by 31st August they will have to cancel your fixtures on the 7th September or 8th September because you need to have an authorised squad in order to be covered by your affiliation insurance and the league insurance.
  3. Any teams that haven’t completed the player registration process needs to do this as a matter of priority now. Once you have your players registered you need to select them all and “submit to league” as only then do we see them on the league list
  4. Once you have your team registered it then gives you the option of printing off a team sheet, which if you do you must take to each game to swap with your opponents.
  5. The other option is that you download the FA Matchday App and you are then able to show your team sheet electronically to your opponents.
  6. If there is ANY issue about eligibility of a player you MUST have checked the player ON THE DAY to verify they are ineligible or the league or FA cannot take any action, as there would simply be no proof of the alleged ineligibility. We highly recommend the Matchday App http://www.thefa.com/get-involved/matchday/about-matchday )
  7. Team sheets are required for ALL 9 and 11 aside football and as such all teams from U11s upwards need to submit a team sheet each game and again this can be done by the FA Full Time System which you need to log into complete or you can just select the players on the Matchday App and submit ( http://www.thefa.com/get-involved/matchday/how-to-be-matchday-ready ). It is best practice though that all teams submit team sheets.
  8. Results are required to be submitted and these can be done via the SMS text system, FA Full Time or again the Matchday App (http://www.thefa.com/get-involved/matchday/faqs ) These automatically update the results and tables and sets the next fixture on the league and FA Full Time website. (Competitive age groups)
  9. If a result is sent in error, please drop an email to your fixtures secretary and they will edit it for you. (Note: The biggest mistake teams make with the SMS system is they put their team first on the score, when it records the Home Team first then the Away team and then we get a complaint, usually from the winning team that we have wrongly put them down as losing….Nope.. It was your text!!)
  10. RESPECT marks are required for your opponents and the referees.
  11. Teams that don’t submit these marks will be marked down by the fixtures secretaries, who can go in as admin and mark you down, which in turn is identified by the County FA and may effect your Charter Standard status. This is not being tough, this is just being fair as its not right that we set all this up so we can identify problem areas and areas which are a real positive and then teams haven’t got the courtesy to spend a couple of minutes completing the data. (We are also looking at respect awards and respect competitions in the future which could be a real bonus for those who hit the mark)
  12. We have had a number of queries regarding kick off times as the FA Full Time is displaying 9am kick off for the majority of games. This is the default time on the system only and NOT the set kick off time. The kick off time is set by the HOME team and is usually between 9am and 12 midday on the Saturday as they have to take into account pitch allocation and other teams that may use their facilities.
  13. NOTE: teams may kick off after midday, but ONLY if both teams mutually agree to do so
  14. If teams have set kick off times, by all means let your fixtures secretary know and they can edit your home games to show this time
  15. If you have an issue, by all means raise it.
  16. Remember it’s a partnership and we are all here to help each other and that includes you helping the league, do the very best for everybody.
  17. Please if you need anything or have something to raise, just drop Warren an email at leaguesecretary@bbdfl.org and he can pick them up