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Fixture Allocation - Navigating the webs ...

Fixture Allocation - Navigating the website

This advice was sent to the referees in the league, but may be of use to others

When you are allocated a fixture you go to the league website and navigate to the appropriate age group and section and you will find the details you require there for you

Example: Imagine you are allocated Unsworth U17 Tigers in the C Section

Go to the website 


Select the U17s age group button on the front page




At this point you could use “crtl + f” to search for Unsworth, scroll down the page of all the U17s which are displayed or press “Section C” to narrow it down to just the C Section




Again you could use “ctrl + f” on you keyboard and search for Unsworth or scroll down the page until you come to “Unsworth Tigers”


Here you will find the managers details, the team colours and the pitch location that they provided when they entered the team into the league (but always check this is correct with the manager as sometimes they change)


In addition, to be really proactive you can look at the opponents to identify a kit clash early doors


I hope this helps

Have a great season