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Player Registration Deadline

Player Registration Deadline

Please note the BBDFL does NOT have a player registration deadline as the key for us is ensuring that we get as many players, playing as possible and also we help teams and clubs who may be low on numbers increase those numbers, as such even if its late on a Friday get the player onto the WGS and if we have time we will try and get them registered before your game on the Saturday morning.

In some instances we may even be able to get the player registered for you the morning of the game.

In matters of urgency drop Warren an email at leaguesecretary@bbdfl.org and it isnt guaranteed but if free he will log into the WGS and if appropriate, approve the player or players for you

One thing you MUST never do is play unregistered players

Unregistered players may not be covered by your club affiliation, the league affiliation, the clubs insurance or the league insurance so you are potentially putting that player and others in danger by playing them. They also may already be suspended from playing and this is a serious club offence if you play a suspended player, hence why its so important that you do NOT play unregistered players

We will do everything we can, as always to help you, so please help us to do that by following the correct procedures on player registrations