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Coach Education and Support

Coach Education and Support

The BBDFL is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Jack Walton and Nigel Gleghorn to develop a coach education programme for our members and the wider grassroots community.


Jack Walton has many years experience at the FA and club level and others have described him as follows:


Jack's talent, prowess and innovation extend across many areas:

-     inspirational educator, facilitator and youth football coach

-     insightful podcast host

-     thought-provoking writer

-     digital innovator


During over a decade working together at the Football Association Jack has stood out for his willingness to innovate and embrace change.


An early champion of digital learning, Jack was one of the first to push for coach education utilising Youtube, podcasts and filmed coach education - projects which are now being implemented.


I would recommend the following articles to get a sense of Jack's work:


How to keep learning as a coach:  https://www.thefa.com/bootroom/resources/coaching/how-to-keep-learning-as-a-coach


When are we having a game?  



Unlocking the next level: computer game design and coaching



Jack comes highly recommended for a role in any team and/or as a consultant to support your projects.

Nigel a former professional footballer who played at the highest level of the game and was a Coach Educator and Workforce Development Manager at Manchester County FA and latterly the Lancashire FA County Coach Development Officer with a vast experience of delivering the very best products to coaches throughout the North West and beyond


Hope you agree that we have 2 of the very best guys on board who will help support our members


Further details of the programme Jack and Nigel will be delivering will be released in due course, but to give you a clue we are doing some filming over the next couple of weeks with the guys and these will be available for our members soon

Watch this space................