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Referee Mentoring Programme

Referee Mentoring Programme

The BBDFL is pleased to announce that we are working in Partnership with Bolton Referee Society in delivering a referee mentoring and support programme for our officials


The criteria to join the scheme is as follows


-     New Officials

-     Officials seeking promotion

-     Officials seeking continual development


It must be noted that you do not require to be a Bolton Referee Society Member to join the scheme, but you do need to be a BBDFL registered official


Each referee will be linked with a mentor who will provide telephone support and they will attend at least 3 games and provide a written report for the referee on each of those games, highlighting areas that went well, areas for development and provide an action plan to help them continually improve


A copy of this report will be made available for the referee, the league, and their respective County FA Referee Development Team


We have a number of referees who we are entering into the scheme and Bolton Referee Society are providing experienced officials who will mentor and support the those referees


We would like to thank Bolton Referee Society for their support and ask if anybody would like to be considered for the scheme please contact the referee team at referees@bbdfl.org and anybody who would like to know more about the Bolton Referee Society please contact the secretary Darren Handley at BoltonRefereesSociety@hotmail.com


If anybody would like to join the BBDFL as a referee they can also contact the team at referees@bbdfl.org


The current fees for officials in the BBDFL are as follows

(NOTE: Fees are paid half each by both teams for each match, but it is the HOME teams responsibility to ensure the referee is paid to ensure they do not have to chase coaches after a game for their fee)


 Referee and Assistant Referee Fees.


-     £40 per game for U21’s plus £20 for each League Appointed Assistant Referee

-     £36 per game for U18’s, U17’s and U16’s plus £18 for each League Appointed Assistant Referee

-     £30 per game for all other 11v11 age group plus £15 for each League Appointed Assistant Referee

-     £20 per game for all 9v9 age groups

-     £14 per game for all 7v7 age groups

-     For Round Robin matches (U7, U8, summer football and futsal) each team involved will pay the match official £5