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Lancashire FA Test to Play Pilot

Lancashire FA Test to Play Pilot

Dear Members,

The Lancashire FA are seeking affiliated leagues and clubs to put their names forward to become part of their Test to Play trial, which is being implemented in collaboration with Public Health Lancashire and the Lancashire Resilience Forum to help identify asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19 within grassroots football.

You can sign up as a club here


The BBDFL will work with any club who wishes to support this initiative to help manage potential match day issues and gain an insight into the impact this may have on their club or the game locally, but as a league we will not be participating in this pilot.

In light of this we have added functionality to the club page on the league website which displays the club name, the secretary and their contact details, the covid officer for the club and the main ground location.


In addition to the above we have now added a simple question which defaults to “NO”

This question states “Test to Play Initiative” and does default to NO, but we ask any club that has signed up to this initiative to please log into their clubs account within the portal and change this to YES

The club portal can be accessed by your club secretary here: https://bbdfl.org/registration-platform/

This will allow us as a league to support any clubs who have signed up to this pilot as this may impact on kick off times for fixtures or delays in matches kicking off due to testing that is taking place.

This will provide the opposition an understanding and the referee also on activities that may be taking place prior or post match at your location

Thank you for your continued support and remember we provide a number of tools to assist you, including the following:

·        A mapping system for COVID cases: https://bbdfl.org/registration-platform/covid19-map

·        A dedicated COVID guidance page: https://bbdfl.org/p/409/COVID19-guidance

·        A fixture cancellation form: https://bbdfl.org/registration-platform/covid19-fixture-cancellation

·        The club page with COVID officer details: https://bbdfl.org/contact-search/clubs

·        Contact us form: https://bbdfl.org/contact-us

If there is anything else we can do to support you please get in touch as we continue to provide the best possible advice and guidance available

BBDFL Volunteers